Application Validation

Proof of Concept (POC), Prototype, or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) are the three main ways to validate an app idea. These three approaches are quick and cost-effective ways of validating a product. Aside from validation, they also offer added benefits including eliciting new ideas and areas for improvement, client and stakeholder involvement and making sure the entire team is collaborating towards the overall goal throughout the project lifecycle. If you want to enhance your product launch and increase the likelihood of product success, using one or all of these techniques will help you avoid common mistakes, from faulty features to an app that has no space in the market to begin with. Each method is individually advantageous when used properly, whether you’re looking to test key business concepts, win over stakeholders, or validate marketability.

Exploration and experimentation using these techniques will produce better end results, and above all, help you to create a product that is valuable to the user. With a better understanding of POCs, Prototypes, and MVPs, you’ll be able to avoid app development mistakes by testing for feature validity or market viability to ensure product success.